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Linetech uses the latest technologies to maintain high standards of efficiency and at the same time guarantee absolute security for data and processes.

The Linetech Contact Centre services are based on the Phones Enterprise suite of IFM Infomaster, a software/hardware system with advanced Inbound and Outbound features that leverages Voice Over IP technologies and interacts with various management system software, such as REVOS and BELLVIEW CATI, the undisputed leader in market surveys.

The infrastructure is divided into 2 master sites, located at the server farms of a telecommunications partner, and 5 slave sites, connected by a 20-Mbit fibre VPN ring.

Each master is equipped with 2 Phones servers in fault tolerance, 2 SQL servers, 1 MicroStrategy server, 4 Revos servers and 5 Lighthouse servers with telephone gateway operation for streams with 30 bidirectional channels.

Siting them in external server farms provides coverage 24/7/365, with disaster recovery systems and procedures, scheduled maintenance and continuous support.

Slave sites are equipped with Lighthouse servers for the management of telephone streams with 30 bidirectional channels.